Edge Cosmetics are pleased to announce that none of our products contain any harmful chemicals and are totally chemical free, using only natural ingredients and minerals.

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EdgeCosmetics are known throughout the industry for integrity, reliability and product superiority. Offering over 700+ stock products from Mineral Foundation right through to Mineral Mascara, and a complete range of skin care.

Edge Cosmetic products are 100% Australia owned, formulated, produced and packed, are all-natural and are certified Cruelty Free.

We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand and there is nothing healthy or beautiful about toxic chemicals. Edge Cosmetics makeup is all natural and non-comedogenic. Our makeup is and always will be free from all plastics, oils, fillers, talcum, and other beauty destroying, cancer causing chemicals found in designer and supermarket brands.

Edge Cosmetics products are versatile, long-lasting hypo-allergenic, and have a high content of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide; both are naturally occurring sunscreens. We have colours that suit women of all ages, skin types and complexions.